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About Us

About Us:

Noyan Academy, as one of the subgroups of Noyan Technology Evangelists Group, seeks to train specialized human resources needed by the startup community in the field of artificial intelligence and data science as well as cognitive sciences, creative industries and computer games.

With an official license from the Iran Technical & Vocational Training Organization, Noyan Academy has for the first time succeeded in obtaining a license for international lectureres in order to improve the level of training.

In order to provide up-to-date training to skilled students, Noyan Academy has compiled or revised the educational standards of the Technical & Vocational Training Organization in this field.

with obtaining an official degree in data science and computer games from the Iran Technical & Vocational Training Organization, which has the ability to translate and present in other countries of the world, Noyan trainees are introduces to the Innovation Center of Cognitive Sciences and Data Mining (subgroup of Noyan Technology Evangelists Group) to work in startups or establish a new startup.